TyiShirt: a piece of positivity -

worn on daily basis. 

每一件, 都是無聲的語言。


ta 是半成品,你的温度赋予 ta 完整。


*pretty limited, once sold never restock

With TWPCo's 1st Anni-, I would love to continue use my lettering to spread love, warmth & care by thinking on how can I bring encouragement into your daily life. 

 ___ This is where TyiShirt is here = story of tee. Simple yet Significant. Hope you like it, like I do.

BR, Jenice

1st anniversary  x  t意思hirt


​让這宽式的衬衫, 一个舒缓的呼吸告诉你, 此刻,自由无形 滿滿正能量

you’re an adventurous & explorer

never afraid of change

on the way to unknow things

how much i haven’t see,

how much i’m not going to see,

how much i still need to see.

find out where you truly belong!

熱愛生活心有陽光, 他會像水一樣滋潤進生活 的點點滴滴,處處閃耀

人最大的魅力, 就是有一顆陽光的心態


be brave to express your love


you are the pinata to my colada 


aloe you very much

we are so mint to be

you are my butter half

my me loves your you

穿着這衣服的我, 比赤裸更接近真实的自己


not your ordinary tee