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Hi there, I'm Jenice, a self-taught Lettering & Illustration artist based in Malaysia 🇲🇾 .

"Your Memories Keeper" is my mantra. It is our motto to make sure you are having the feeling of it is belong to you and can be kept forever" through the beauty of the lettering and arts.  


TheWhitePaper.Co is inspired from a piece of paper. As I imagine every one of you as a piece of white paper and I'll be the colours. By colouring every piece of white paper is how we want to bring joy, warmth and encouragement to everyone of you.

brush lettering workshop


; write like your soul, honey


“你的 回憶 守護者” 就是我了,也是開創了白紙 ( 這個品牌背後的靈感。抱著 守護回憶的 理念,用不同的方式把手寫的溫暖變成正能量 不經意地 ,默默地 在你生活上陪伴著你。

就算是一張小卡,一個帆布袋,一件T恤 或一幅畫,都希望能保留大家 的 回憶和意義。


然而為什麼叫白紙呢?因為 我把大家想像成一張白紙,而我 就是要把一張白紙變得充滿色彩。

就像把溫暖,快樂,幸福,正能量 帶給大家一樣。

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