brush lettering workbook

These English & 中文 brush lettering workbooks are 

something for everyone! A book that suitable for intermediate to practice & beginners to self-learn starting from basic. 



每一笔每一字 都是亲笔字印刷的。

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brush lettering worksbook by thewhitepap

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In this Intermediate Brush Lettering Workbook, it guide you on how to expand your basic lettering skills to more complex & flourish style. Learn how to diverge from traditional calligraphy rules by mixing and matching letter & flourish styles.

Paperback Bind | 66 pages | 100gsm (RM88)

⭐️ Advisable that you are able to do beginner brush lettering

Workbook outline: 

  • Oval shape

  • C shape

  • S-shape

  • Oval drills

  • S drills

  • Ascending Loops 

  • Descending Loops

  • Middle of the word 

  • T-crossbar

  • End of the word 

  • Uppercase Variation Practice

  • More Loops & Cusps

  • Flourish Words & Quotes

Extra Tips: 

  • Best place for flourish

  • Important rules for flourish

  • How to review your own work

Intermediate Lettering Workbook


english workbook

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This Workbook has something for everyone! A book that suitable for intermediate to practice & beginners to learn lettering starting from basic.

Format: Paperback Bind | 54 pages | 100gsm (RM60)

⭐️ Beginner Friendly ⭐️

  • Basic Stroke

  • Drills

  • Lowercase Alphabets

  • Uppercase Alphabets

  • A - Z Words

  • Days of Week

  • Greetings

  • Quotes

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mandarin workbook

现在手写的习惯 已经越来越少了,当朋友生日或有什么特别的日子时, 与其花时间去写还不如发个简讯更方便。


可是,你有发现吗,当你收到一个精心手写的信或包裹时,你会莫名的感到快乐,这就是手写传达的温暖, 是我们现在方便的科技也传达不来的 感觉。 所以,我们要继续延续扩散这份手写的温暖。 


这本手写练习册是个非常方便 又能自学的爱好。只要有一支简单的硬笔, 就能写出基本功夫了。 是不是很简单呢?

Format: Paperback Bind | 40 页 | 100gsm (RM55)

⭐️ Beginner Friendly ⭐️

  • 繁体字

  • 28 个基本笔画

  • 24 个部首字

  • 40 个单字

  • 20 个词

  • 12 个 语录


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