In this brush lettering workshop Malaysia PJ, KL

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Lettering is part of your relaxation, set aside the busy world, ignore the rest and just create. Drawing gorgeous letters, words and phrases with a brush pen doesn't have to be difficult. You'll just need to enjoy. 

It is a beautiful, free-spirited style that, once mastered, is easy to develop into a unique personal style.



Let's relax, learn and lettering. Excited to teach you everything I know!

monthly workshop

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 Modern Brush Lettering Workshop


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中文手寫 • 隨心隨寫 工作坊 
Mandarin Brush Lettering Workshop 

introduction of brush lettering

Brush lettering is a beautiful, free-spirited style that follow your mood and heart. Express your feelings with lettering and colours, you might find it relaxing and therapeutic.


Find hand lettering to be calming and enjoyable. Ever know you can run the juicy ink brush pen on a smooth paper by putting on your favourite playlist. 


It's a good feeling to make someone's day surprise with your hand lettered paper goods. A lot that you can create, you'll be amaze by their reaction too. 


bring home tools & materials

thewhitepaperco brushlettering workshop bring home tools & material


Grid Notebook

Brush Lettering Worksheet

Brush Pen

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