Brush Lettering Workshop | 英文手写工作坊

RM190 / pax

📌 Details: 

Date: 17 Oct 2020 (Saturday)

Time: 10AM - 1PM

Venue: Tedboy Express Petaling Jaya -

Brush lettering is a way to explore the beauty of handwriting and find calm & relax in yourself. Words can simply inspire very much, let’s get away from our smartphones to spare some self-love time and back to creative writing. *Pssst* beautiful handwriting is not required! 

❤️ What you’ll learn:
1. Knowing different brush pens & papers
2. Practice on Basic Strokes, Lowercase & Uppercase Letter
3. Knowing on Ligatures Variations
4. Connecting letters 
5. Words and quotes allocation
6. Word practice

❤️ Tools & Materials Included:
1. Beginner Brush Pen
2. Soft Nib Brush Pen
3. Grid Notebook
4. Guide + Practice sheet
5. Blank Cards
6. Refreshment

You can bring everything home after the workshop.


What you need to bring: Prepare one of your favourite quote!

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